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Department of Archaeology I Faculty of Humanities I University of Haifa

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The Laboratory for Ground Stone Tools Research (LGSTR) was established at the Zinman Institute of Archaeology, University of Haifa, in 2010. The laboratory specializes in studies incorporating ground stone tool assemblages from sites spanning prehistoric through historical periods, documenting the evolution of ground stone tool technologies and their contribution and involvement in human life.

The lab advances and develops the study of ground stone tools and their related research by increasing the academic and multidisciplinary nature of the discourse, developing and integrating new documentation and analytical methodologies. The lab is currently regarded as an international center of knowledge for ground stone tools research. Our studies aim to increase our understanding of the wide range of ancient technologies used for a variety of tasks and broaden the scope of ground stone tools research. Within this framework we view ground stone tools in a wider context of human activities, technological achievements and beliefs, and as such, perceive these as important analytical instruments for answering archaeological and anthropological questions.

Researchers and students in the lab conduct research in collaboration with various scholars in Israel and abroad, focusing on advancing the study of ground stone tools through in-depth, multidisciplinary analyses. We advance the documentation of tools and assemblages, morphometric studies, geochemical provenance studies, micro- and macroscopic use-wear analysis, technological research focusing on production and discard patterns and the extraction and analysis of ancient residues. One of our main goals is to increase the available ground stone related data through the research and the final publications of many ground stone tools reports and focused thematic studies for the Israel Antiquities Authority and other institutions and universities in Israel and abroad.